Hi, my name’s Phil…

…and welcome to my little place on the big internet.

I’ve lived in Dartford for the last 12 years, and by day work for a games console manufacturer, supporting all the awesome game developers that we have across a big part of the world…well my team do, I just look after them!

What’s this all about then?

Indeed, and that’s a very good question!

I’ve used the internet in some shape or form to get my views out there whether it’s:

  • having a rant about something
  • talking about some cool new piece of technology I’ve encountered
  • talking about a cool piece of technology that is broken
  • the trains being late
  • the bins not being collected
  • other local issues that annoy or frustrate me
  • music
  • the weather
  • the price of cheese (I don’t actually follow the price of cheese)

More recently I’ve taken to Twitter, which is an art-form in itself - getting a thought, or an idea, out in 140 characters (or much less when you have other tweeters in that message).

I had a Wordpress account ages ago, that wasn’t that well used, I think due to me wanting to do more custom stuff (see below!), so this site will serve as a place for me to talk about stuff, in more detail than Twitter lets me.

I guess, in essence, this site is for you to get to know me, for those of you crazy enough to want to.

Southeastern and Dartford

Regular readers of my blog will know of the ongoing issues that I, as well as the majority of commuters, face weekly on Southeastern. A lot of my posts are about this, so if you’re not a commuter, I apologise, if you are a commuter, then I guess you understand my commuting frustrations.

As a result of my commentary about Southeastern I was put forward to spend an hour with BBC Radio Kent, the new Southeastern MD, and other rail users - which spawned email conversations with the MD after, and the formation of Dartford Rail Travellers Association with a fellow local commuter - covering the seven stations in the Borough of Dartford

Always evolving…

I could’ve put in a 1990s style ‘Under Construction’ bit here, but I won’t (hmm maybe later I will) - however this site is still in a development state, I’ll tweak it bits over the coming weeks and months, sometimes it’ll go down…however there’ll always be at least one sync, somewhere, cos I’m paranoid like that.

If you see something broken, or have some ideas then feel free to contact me about it - most posts will have a comments field on, and I’m contactable by a number of electronic means:

Contact me

Twitter: @philmonkey

E-mail: phil@philrogers.me


Obviously, I need to point out that what I post on this site are my own thoughts, and do not reflect the thoughts of my employer, or any other affiliations I may have - unless otherwise stated.

But you’re all clever people, and have figured that one out already, just needed to be said.

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