29 December 2016

Oops they’ve done it again

I was a bit suspicious with Southeastern’s latest PPM figures, so did a quick analysis.

You can see it below - pay attention to the yellow highlighted cells.

PPM Targets

For the most recent period (P9) the PPM target is apparently +0.09% from P8, however the average per line is -0.68%. For comparison the previous two period averages roughly equal the overall PPM target.

PPM actuals

But look at the actual results - southeastern are claiming 78.42% but the average per line is -11.55% vs P8, whilst their overall average is nearly half that at -5.88%

So are Southeastern telling lies about PPM? Or is this another marketing blunder?

For reference, this was covered over at DRTA earlier in the year (archive.org link)

Stop lying, or pay more attention

Or both.

I did raise this earlier in the month with Southeastern on twitter but was ignored.

So let’s see the facts before us:

  • nothing has changed on this obviously wrong data
  • no response has been given

So they’re knowingly putting out incorrect data to fool passengers that they are less delayed than they are.

Absolutely abysmal service from Govia Southeastern.


On Network Rail’s site the overall PPM for P9 is 73.8% - so how are Southeastern getting away with misleading their customers?


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