27 December 2013

So that was Christmas, and what’s the Recycling truck done?

Nothing, that’s what. At least not on Fulwich Road.

Before I go further, I’d like to point out this post was written 5 months after the fact, though in the interests of making a decent timeline of stuff, I’ve back-dated it to detail the events of late-2013. I hope that’s ok with you?

What didn’t happen?

Our recycling didn’t get collected on Friday 27th December as promised on the calendar provided to Newtown residents.

In 2013, Christmas fell on a Wednesday, which meant our recycling collection got shifted on by 2 days. And obviously given it’s the season to give presents, bins were overflowing already, so the extra 2 days was just about acceptable.

Me? Well I had a massive declutter (you’d never guess that looking at my house…), and had the cardboard box of cardboard to go out, as well as a full Recycling Grey bin. Like a good citizen, the box of boxes went out on Friday morning ready for collection.

I didn’t put side-loaded stuff out in advance of Friday, cos, and you’ll remember this, we had some pretty strong winds over the last week of 2013. Some epic winds. The only thing missing was the flying cow. So whilst I packed the cardboard in pretty tight, and also used gaffer tape to make sure it won’t come apart in the rain, I still didn’t want to put it out until collection day.

Sadly, the collection never happened. I waited all day. I guess that’s the true story of Christmas, not getting what you wanted.

That night was still windy, so using a combination of the car, wheely bins and (rubbish) physics, I wedged stuff together - it survived the winds, thankfully.

Next day…

So the calendar showed there were collections on Saturday. YAY! they’ll come get our stuff then.

Well, of course not.

But even worse…the carnage of side-loaded recycling on Fulwich Road the next morning.

Luckily I’m a light sleeper, the wind disrupted my sleep, so I got out of bed to do something more constructive…like moving a rubbish bag that had blown into the centre of the road onto the side.

And that’s not the only problem that was caused - through the street there were remnants of residents’ recycling, cos, well, the foxes need to have their Christmas too.

Anyway, that aside, I reported it around 1pm on the DBC site (which has some serious usability problems, I’ll cover that another time)

I also tweeted our local Councillor (now our Mayor) - no response (though apparently he has a mobile bar)

Monday Morning 5:19

Well, it was probably an hour after, I heard the clatter of bottles. Great. Our recycling got collected.

However the road showed the results of the missed collection, plus there was now 19 days worth of recycling to collect

What next?

I did nothing. I put it down to a glitch, hey it’s Christmas, these things happen.

In hindsight, this probably happened at other points during 2013, and I didn’t notice due to:

  • I spent lots of 2013 out of the country (we had a games console to launch, I had lots of meetings)
  • I time my recycling/bin loading to minimise the amount of pickups the refuse team have to pick up. It’s only me here, I’d rather put stuff in the bin on a Thursday, and help speed their work up!

But anyway, that was 2013. Happy New Year, yawn.


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