19 November 2014

Southeastern PPM

I haven’t got time to write a full analysis of this as planned, so here’s the PPM targets for Southeastern’s new franchise, as well as exportable CSV.

Targets, as with the Dartford lines, are below previous performance…feel free to distribute this data as you see fit!

Past 6 months:

Past 6 months

Next 6 months:

Next 6 months

And in perspective, the same 6 months last year:

2013 performance

CSV data for past 6 months and next 6 months can be downloaded


Claire Perry’s claim of ‘tough’ targets for Southeastern.

New franchise document

Original franchise document expected a 93.4% PPM over the 12 months to the end of March 2014

My thoughts

See this post

Dartford Rail Travellers Association

As a result of discussions, DRTA has been set up with Mike Pellatt - details of this are here


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