16 November 2014

Welcome to: Dartford Rail Travellers Association (DRTA)

I’ve been engaging in conversation with David Statham and his team at Southeastern since meeting him on the BBC Radio Kent show that I joined in October, and one question I wanted to put to him on air was if he’d entertain the possibility of coming to speak to Dartford commuters.

This question came up in a recent exchange whilst talking about the PPM figures, and there was a suggestion that if there was a Dartford commuter group, then that’s when Southeastern would typically join.

So…I decided it’s time for us to have a group, in a similar vein to the Sevenoaks Rail Travellers Association, who do a great job communicating news important to that area and calling Southeastern to account.

Not just me…

I didn’t want the group to be just me running it. It didn’t feel right to have sole control over a group that I hope would be an important place for commuters, plus I couldn’t do this alone, with the elections coming up in under 6 months!

I sent a message to Mike Pellatt, who is as vocal as me on Twitter about the shortcomings of Southeastern - it turns out he already registered a domain for such a group and he was interested in forming a group.

So the next day, after a couple of beers, DRTA was born

What the group is for

A voice for Dartford commuters. That’s all of us in the Borough of Dartford for the seven stations that we have: Dartford, Greenhithe, Stone Crossing, Swanscombe, Longfield, Farningham Rd, Ebbsfleet

It is a community group, and all opinions are welcome, as well as all political views - this group is not aligned to, or the voice of, any political party. Disclaimer: I’m involved with the local Labour Party, this group is not affiliated with them, though I’m likely to all out the current Govt who handed over the keys to 4 more years to Govia, rather than calling them to account and setting them good targets.

Anyway, with two of us leading the group, that will ensure a good degree of balance.

And it’s for you. Rail users, whether it’s for the daily commute, or for occasional travel.

Fancy a drink?

I do!

And our first meeting of the group will be on Wednesday 26th November in The Forresters pub on Great Queen Street - it’s a short walk from the station, Mike knows the staff there, and we’ll have a little area to use. As well as drink (though you’ll have to pay for that!)

The first meeting will be informal, as I hope future ones will be, and give us a chance to chat over a drink or two about what issues we have on the railway, and help shape the direction of the group

Join us on Social Media

Links are on the right hand side of my site, or here:

Facebook: Dartford Rail Travellers Association

Twitter: Dartford Rail Travellers Association

Follow us on Twitter for useful news and retweets, and Facebook for discussion.

There will be a website soon too!

In the space of 4 days we’ve had over 50 followers across Facebook and Twitter - this shows the interest, and also the will to get the service improved.

Please pass on these links to any Dartford Commuters you know.


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