12 October 2014

My Freedom of Information response

I didn’t want to blog my FOI response, I’ve already blogged my thoughts on the response to Sam Crawford’s FOI response. I wanted to wait until my hour with David Statham, Southeastern’s new MD live on BBC Radio Kent on Monday 13th October to get more details, or the response to my feedback on the FOI.

However, in putting together some extra research for tomorrow’s session I took the time to read the extra attachment to my FOI request. I didn’t have time last week when it came in, and reading it in detail, it shows something rather interesting.

More seats?

Let’s see what was said by the Government back on September 11th

Franchise announcement: more than 95,000 extra seats across the network, including 1,000 extra seats on Southeastern’s high speed services every day

And this wonderful infographic, that has so many bright colours and a few images, but says so little: DfT Infographic on the Directly Awarded Southeastern Franchise

What does this mean?

Well, I’ll tell you. This is the only part of my FOI request that wasn’t held back for reasons that don’t make sense.

Here is what the FOI yielded:

## Southeastern Seats Provision at end of December 2014

AM Peak   PM Peak   Off Peak   Total
Standard First Standard First Standard First  
112,762 2,684 108,111 2,640 615,789 14,036 856,022

## Southeastern Seats Provision from January 2015

AM Peak   PM Peak   Off Peak   Total
Standard First Standard First Standard First  
112,582 2,776 110,141 2,684 711,523 12,780 952,486

## Southeastern Additional Seats Provision from January 2015

AM Peak   PM Peak   Off Peak   Total
Standard First Standard First Standard First  
-180 92 2,030 44 95,734 -1,256 96,464

(Apologies for the formatting - I’d fix it tonight, but would rather spend time getting ready for tomorrow’s session.)

Anyway, ignoring the provision for First class ticket holders across the Southeastern Network. These ‘More than 95000 extra seats’ look like this:

Your morning peak service will have 180 less seats across the network

Your evening peak service will have an additional 2,030 more seats across the network

If you happen to be travelling off-peak, you have 95,734 extra seats.

So…I guess by adding a few extra carriages onto train sets during the day, Southeastern and the Government can claim an additional 95,000 seats, per day, across the network

What about the long suffering commuter?

What about them? There’s “tough performance targets” that will have us see “real improvements” to our journeys

The Government, and the Rail Minister Claire Perry, are so proud of these performance targets, that in the month since the Direct Award occurred, they have not been forthcoming about what these targets are

Will we find out?

Yes, sometime after mid-November, or tomorrow if I get the chance to put that question to David Statham.

Well, you’d hope I would be able to? After all, it’s a fundamental part of the new franchise.


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