06 August 2014

Quick commentary on today…

I wanted to write this on Twitter, in fact I started writing it on twitter, then realised that one of the reasons I set up this site is to be able to be able to say things that are over 140 characters.

Today around lunchtime I saw on Twitter that Recycling, again, hadn’t been collected in Newtown (mainly Fulwich Road) again. I didn’t get a good chance to check for the recycling truck or the state of bins on my walk to work this morning - due to the rain we had, plus rushing to get to the station.

Today it turns out Great Queen Street, Little Queen Street, and Fulwich Road had the Recycling collection missed, whilst, as usual, the non-recyclable refuse got collected. Also, via twitter, it turns out that the Recycling truck had to back out of a street since it couldn’t get down the street.

At around 1pm I mailed Dartford Borough Council to ask if they were are of the lack of collection on the three streets above, though an hour later I heard that another attempt was made to collect Recycling, which this time was successful.

Whether it was today’s mail, or my previous efforts to get the Council to find a solution, I’m glad that we got the collection that we’ve paid for.

Any future issues?

Well, I hope there won’t be.

If you do find there’s a recycling/bottle/non-recyclable refuse collection missed, then please feel free to contact me on twitter @philmonkey (tweet, or DM if I follow you) and I’ll raise it to the Council.

As part of Amey’s (they provide the collection service) proposal for a contract renewal, they are considering smaller vehicles to replace some of their fleet - I hope this goes through since it will make for a more reliable collection for the residents of Newtown, and other parts of Dartford where this must also be an issue.


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