26 July 2014


We all know that a new crossing over the Thames is needed, if not now, then by the time it is planned and constructed.

There’s ongoing arguments and discussions about when and where this should be built, with our Dartford MP Gareth Johnson wanting to wait until the barrier-free Dart Charge systems goes into place to see if this makes a difference. Of course it will, vehicles won’t have to stop at the barrier any more. Although there would be the same amount of traffic flowing through the M25.

There’s loads of theories and empirical evidence that will help model the outcome of the Dart Charge implementation - this is a good starting point on Queueing theory . So the “wait and see” response from our MP seems like he’s just playing for time.

Are we missing some important data?

I don’t know if this has been done yet, and if so, please add a comment to show the results of the data…

Automatic Number Plate Recognition will be in use for Dart Charge. This will show the vehicles approaching from both the South and the North.

Why not put in ANPR at strategic points further up the M25; east along the A13, the M2 and M20; and south on the M25.

This can help model where vehicles that use the crossing come from and go to, and provide more information about traffic flows across the river, and which of the crossing options (if any!) are most appropriate.

Given the consultation isn’t happening until late next year, surely there’s enough time to gather some actual data to inform the planners, as well as the residents?


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