10 July 2014


I feel bad for the residents of Fulwich Road, and can only apologise for my last post suggesting that improvements will be made.

I guess this feels like being promised a most awesome train set for Christmas, and not even getting a lump of coal. In fact, I still don’t get any kind of decent train set daily, but that’s another story…

Anyway, the post was written in good faith following conversations with Dartford Borough Council about the ongoing problem with collecting our recycling.

Nodding, but doing nothing

I’m quite outraged that we keep going through this cycle of lack of recycling collection with no end in sight.

And more outraged, that our Labour Councillor for Newtown was silently dropped off our email exchanges, by a DBC representative, part way through our discussions. Luckily, Google Mail remembers all.

Anyhow, it’s getting late, I’ve had a long day…so, I’ll leave you with the email I sent to DBC and various Councillors, of course, adding back Cllr Dave Baker, for you to read

Dear someone who hopefully cares…

To: Recycling Advisor at DBC (address and name redacted!) cc: Tony Martin, Andy Lloyd, Avtar Sandhu, Michael Street, David Baker

Hi all,

(adding back Cllr Baker who appears to have been dropped off the To list during this conversation…)

Well, again, we’ve had issues on Fulwich Road today.

Recycling hasn’t been collected from the junction of St Albans Road down towards Overy Street.

Today I left a little later than normal, so was able to see the state of parking, and also non-collected recycling/rubbish at around 8.15am. Given the year of conversations I make an effort to note the state of clearance as I walk to work on Wednesdays. Sad, I know, but someone has to!

Anyhow, the road looked relatively clear this morning - though neither my bins/bottles had been collected, nor had anyone else’s on Fulwich Road as I left for the station at 8.15am, which flies in the face of the plans that were put in place.

So, I have a few questions that I’d be interested in hearing your answers to:

  • Are any of the Environmental Services Manager’s staff still monitoring this situation, and are they still present during Fulwich Road recycling collections? If so, do you have any feedback on their findings over the last 3 recycling collections?
  • How are the plans going to provide service updates on the DBC web site? I note that a few weeks ago there was something posted about our collections, but nothing was posted today. Is there an ETA for a reliable refuse/recycling service update to be made available to residents?
  • How are discussions going with KCC to cut back the shrubs on the lower end of Fulwich Road? 6 weeks on, no action has been taken. Are our Council Tax contributions to KCC going into a black hole that DBC has no control over?
  • Has there been a change in the strategy for collecting refuse and recycling on Fulwich Road? If so, are you able to provide me details?

I fear that throughout the last 6 months, my complaints have been met by mere lip service, with a very short term fix, which crumbles after a month. I haven’t seen any consistent improvements, nor has there been any obvious progress made on the points that you responded back to me on in early June.

This lack of progress can only further increase the disillusionment of residents with our current Council and how things are being run.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts about how this will be improved in the coming months.

Regards, Phil


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