30 June 2016

15% below target

So the NRPS results are in, overall satisfaction falling by 6% to 69% an all time low for southeastern, who set themselves a target to maintain satisfaction at “the highest levels achieved in 2013”. Which was 84%

More PR nonsense from Statham

I read Southeastern’s response, I watched the video.

The usual blame of London Bridge and also events happening across the network

But this time David Statham didn’t talk about what’s in “his gift”


Let’s look at some individual parts of the survey…(the numbers are year on year comparing to last Spring’s result)

  • Provision of information about train times/platforms: -4%
  • The attitudes and helpfulness of the staff: -7%
  • Your personal security whilst using the station: -5%
  • How request to station staff was handled: -9%
  • Upkeep and repair of the train: -3%
  • The provision of information during the journey: -7%
  • The availability of staff (on train): -6%

David Statham is failing

The opinions of those surveyed clearly show information and communication is getting worse

Something definitely within Statham’s “gift”

The ongoing lack of turning heating off on networkers is also within his managerial “gift” - to make this happen and to stop people fainting on trains as was tweeted yesterday.

He is a failed leader of his team, and he needs to go.

It’s time for someone who cares about the rail users of SE London and Kent.

That someone isn’t Statham or Govia.


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