29 June 2014


Bus Cavalcade - The Year Of The Bus

On Sunday 22nd June 2014, Regent Street had one of its many Sunday road closures - to allow shoppers to have a traffic free day, whilst also providing some sort of entertainment and interesting events.

For this Sunday, apart from 48 buses (and some supporting vehicles), Regent Street was traffic free! Despite having to get a bus replacement service to Slade Green as some work was being done on Dartford Station (they tore down the old temporary station), I went into London.

Here’s the final set of photos that I took - from buses 36 to 48.

And, of course, click for buses 1 to 20 or buses 21 to 35

Remember - Dartford Bus station is having an open day on Sunday 7th September, I’ll hopefully see some of you there!


I’ve taken the descriptions of each bus from the TfL leaflet that was handed out at the event - which gives you some background into what the bus is, and a little bit of history.

I’ve put the odd comment in amongst all the photos too…

Bus 36 - Ensignbus DM2646

DSC09732.jpg DSC09728.jpg

In service 1971-1992: The last of the LT’s 2646 Leyland Fleetlines. Repainted in 1979 into George Shillbeer livery as part of the 150 years of London Buses celebrations.

Look! an advert for the Titan that largely replaced these buses. I preferred the 15 bus route when it ran as a Routemaster…

Bus 37 - MCW Metrobus


In service 1978-2005: The MCW Metrobus was typical of the open market designs that LT brought during the 1980s

I never really liked this bus, it was way too blocky for me. I was more of Titan boy as a child…

On the front you can see the blue ‘Pay Conductor’ sign, these changed depending on whether or not the bus ran driver-only, or as a two-man crew. I don’t think anyone paid much attention to it though.

Bus 38 - Leyland Titan






In service 1978-2002: A front-entrance driver-only double-decker. More than a thousand entered service.

My favourite bus!

Plus it was one of the first to get the distinctive 1978 Misha Black moquette, which was also used on the District Line trains at the time. Basically, the moquette that I grew up with.

To complete my collection of Moquette, I picked up that final cushion at the LT Museum shop on the way home.

Bus 39 - Optare City Pacer (OV2)


In service 1986-1991: This futuristic vehicle ran as part of London Buses subsidiary ‘Roundabout Buses’ in Orpington’s narrow streets.

It’s at around this time I got a bit bored, the buses of today, yeah, blahblahblah, I see them every day - apart from t his one that only was in service for 5 years.

Bus 40 - Volvo B10M (VA115)

DSC09767.jpg DSC09764.jpg

In service 1988-2005: Used on route 24 which was the first central London route to be privatised. Contractual requirements meant the buses didn’t need to be red.

OK, a little moment of nostalgia here. I used to take this bus to work at Savacentre during my late teenage years. I always thought it a little odd that it wasn’t red, but accepted travelcards etc.

I’ve found a little bit about the history of Route 473

Bus 41 - ADL Enviro400H

DSC09773.jpg DSC09770.jpg

In service 2010-present: The hybrid Enviro400H evolved from the company’s double-deckers, which had been serving London since the turn of the millennium.

Bus 42 - ADSL Enviro200H


In service 2010-present: A hybrid-electric version of the Enviro200. The hybrid technology helps to lower fuel consumption and emissions by 30%

Bus 43 - Wrightbus Hydrogen Bus


In service 2010-present: Following a trial with hydrogen buses in 2004, TfL began operating eight zero-emission buses on the RV1 route on a permanent basis.

Bus 44 - Wrightbus Gemini 3 (LK14 FBJ)


In service 2009-present: The Gemini has been one of London’s staple buses for the early twenty-first century; hybrid versions were among the world’s first.

Bus 45 - Optare EV-RATP


In service 2014-present: One of four electric buses on route H98. EV-RATP is helping TfL understand how the technology could be applied more widely in London.

Buses 46. 47, 48 - New Routemaster/New Bus for London


In service 2012-present: It is the first bus since its 1959 predecessor to have been expressly designed around Londoners’ requirements. Thomas Heatherwick’s stylish design has been seen as a return to quality values in public transport. More than 600 New Routemasters will enter passenger service by 2016. It promises to recapture the hearts of the travelling public, as well as reducing harmful emissions by 40% in comparison to a standard bus, thanks to its innovative series-hybrid propulsion system.

Buses 49 and beyond


They didn’t turn up! I wonder where the bendy bus was too…maybe our current London Mayor doesn’t like that one, hence why 3 of his favourite buses filled the last slots…

Quite costly day out for some buses


They had to pay the penalty for their high emissions, no doubt…


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