12 June 2014


I don’t cycle.

I can’t ride a bike.

It’s a choice of not doing it as a child, and also apathy.

However I respect cyclists, they can do something I can’t, they get good exercise from riding bikes, and they have to put up with motorists that don’t give them enough space on the roads (for the record: I always give enough space when passing, it’s only fair)

Today in Soho

I was heading home, via Chinatown for a little fridge stock up after having to chuck out most of the stuff in there earlier in the month.

Walking through the disassembling Berwick Street Market I saw around 20+ bicyclists going down the street lead by a guy in a Hi-Vis jacked with ‘londonbicycle.com’ on.

I thought this was some sort of London cycling tutor group - which, well, is great to get people confidently cycling in our capital city.

They mounted the pavement briefly on Berwick Street, though unavoidable since it seemed the market was late to disassemble.

I got to Walker’s Court which is a pedestrianised area, and found the bikes assembled on that pathway as they were lead through there onto Brewer Street.

Cyclists are not to ride on pedestrianised pathways. Simple.

I wanted to take photos, but my iPhone was embedded in my jeans pocket since I didn’t have a jacket - it was one of London’s rare warm days

Oh Hi again :(

I got to Gerrard Street, and saw the same troupe of cyclists going down the pedestrianised part of Gerrard Street.

Sadly I couldn’t catch up with them to take a picture of the lead cyclists, though recalling the URL I earlier saw, I looked up their activities and found they are a tour company escorting tourists through London on bikes

Respect the law. And the pedestrians of Soho

I tweeted @bicyclelondon for their comments on what I saw, I have had no response as yet.

I’ve checked their website, and their London map can be seen here: http://www.londonbicycle.com/tours/half-day/west-end-tour

I’ve taken the liberty of screenshotting their Google Map link to show the two parts of their course that ride of pedestrian areas which is here (highlighted with my bad Photoshop skills):

London Bicycle Tour Company route through Soho

(credit to Google Maps for the screenshot)

The London Bicycle Tour Company - what will you do?

Will you change the route to ensure your paying customers don’t break the law?

Do you have any comments on your obvious intention to cycle through pedestrian-only walkways?

Why did you let this happen?


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