08 June 2014

My relationship with Tomtom

I’ve been a Tomtom customer for nearly a decade. In-car satnav was an amazing piece of technology back then, and way before the advent of proper smart phones (apart from the Ipaq but I wanted a solution loud enough for the car)

I’ve bought 3 Tomtom in-car devices over the years, and find the traffic/Live services useful when driving as it typically helps me avoid traffic, or at least gives me a chance to divert. And, of course, looking at a mobile phone whilst driving is definitely a no-on.

Tomtom speed camera app - free on iOS

I got this app a few months ago, and it allowed me to sign-in using my existing Tomtom login (the one I use on my in-car devices). I did read somewhere that this may cause problems, though figured Tomtom can’t be that stupid.

Anyway, I only got the app since it was free, and I like seeing new apps and applications of technology. Signing in with the same account seemed the natural thing to do

Hey Tomtom, can I update my in-car device?


Obviously not.

No, just no. That account is now linked to a mobile app:

“There is a mobile app linked to this account

You can manage your TomTom app on your smartphone.”

All good and well, apart from I can’t sign in with that app any more on my smartphone, since it is linked with a standalone device.

That same standalone device that I can’t log into via the (rather poor, Flash-based) Tomtom desktop tools.

I managed to carry out a sync of my tomtom the other night using a new account, though it was an account I just created to see what would happen…I didn’t make a note of it, neither did the Tomtom device

Lifetime maps? Live Services?

I have Lifetime maps - linked to the account I can’t see. What has happened to that?

I just paid £47.50 for a year’s of Live Services - I’m driving tomorrow morning to the airport, knowing live traffic info is particularly useful on a Monday morning as past experience has shown. It isn’t showing on my device, therefore useless.

I would therefore like this subscription delayed to when I next use it (I rarely drive routes where I need traffic info, though was happy to re-subscribe for Monday’s driving).

Contact us?

I would’ve done this via a fill-in form, apart from signing into my account takes me on the never ending revolving “refer to the other device that refers you to the other device that refers you to the other device” cycle.

Tomtom - my contact details are on here - I have tweeted at you too - if you follow me I can pass you on my account log-in details

BTW - if I receive no response in the next week, I shall dispute this transaction with my credit card company, since Tomtom’s systems show that there’s no way I could’ve used this account with the service…so, please contact me.

The future?

Who knows? Right now it feels like my loyalty is being well and truly tested with Tomtom.

Garmin is another option, I’ve used them in the GPS Running space since 2004 and whilst there’s been the odd charging issue, they’ve been pretty stable.

Or maybe just the smartphone/integrated car SatNav experience - both technologies are sufficiently mature to not need a standalone device.

Either way, I’m rather jaded right now at the experience received from what I considered to be a leader in the field of satellite navigation.


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