05 June 2014

Station improvements

For well over a year Dartford commuters have endured the new station building works, and since the new station building was opened in late 2013 there have been ongoing works inside the station.

Whilst this is a great improvement to the commuting experience every morning, and also an improvement to our town, in recent times, the building workers have taken to working during the morning peak.

The station has one dual staircase to Platforms 1 and 2, and two single staircases to Platforms 3 and 4. The walkway to get to the platforms could comfortably hold four people side by side.

Morning works

When any part of the walkway or staircase is closed this causes congestion at the station. This makes people potentially miss their trains - I plan to arrive around a minute before the train arrives - I already get delayed regularly on my daily commute, so try and optimise my mornings.

Recently I’ve got close to missing my train due to a staircase being closed, or half the walkway closed - this has meant battling with people coming the other way to me (usually school children, so half term improved the situation somewhat). Note: I don’t have actual battles, that would just delay me more.

Informing Southeastern

I have, on numerous times, contact Southeastern via twitter for their feedback on this situation. The first few times they thanked me for my feedback and said it was passed on to the Dartford station manager.

Recently I’ve asked for feedback from the feedback that was sent to the station manager, these tweets have been ignored. Parts of the station are still blocked off during morning peak. People are still complaining on Twitter about this.

One-way communication?

Through all my communications with Southeastern it feels like it is a one way channel - we tell them stuff, they “pass it on”, then wash their hands of it. There is never any later post saying the outcome of any feedback.

Either Southeastern have no way of getting this information back (I seriously doubt it), or they don’t actually want to communicate with us. If so, please don’t bother telling us it is being looked into.

Delayed by closures?

Please add a commment below, or tweet me @philmonkey and I’ll collate all complaints up into a new post!

(apologies for typos - did this on a really bright sunny train!)


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