04 June 2014


Good news to the residents of Fulwich Road, Dartford, the Newtown ward, and Dartford as a whole.

I’d like to write my thoughts about this, however, I’m writing this whilst eating my lunch, so I’ll be succinct (for once).

Fulwich Road collections

This will now be the first point of collection on a Wednesday, between 0700 and 0730. On Recycling days, the Recycling truck will be first, followed by the refuse (green bin) truck sometime after. Otherwise the refuse truck will go first - I saw this happen for myself this morning on the way to work at 0710 this morning.

There are issues with car parking on pavements which limit the clearance on the lower end of Fulwich Road that may cause problems for the trucks to go down - the council are looking into this - however I’ve asked them to be more consultative with residents (since they are typically the ones parked there) rather than a heavy handed approach of ticketing through Civil Enforcement.

There is also consideration for parking restrictions on refuse collection days (this works well in the US for street cleaning, and could solve access for the Refuse/Recycling trucks on collection day)

Shrubbery issues at the bottom of Fulwich Road

As part of today’s investigations, the overgrowing shrubs at the bottom end of Fulwich Road were identified as also causing clearance issues.

DBC are contacting KCC to clear the shrubs. I also asked that the shrubs on the steps up to Gladstone ROad are trimmed back to help the access issues for anyone with buggies, or mobility scooters, as was recently discussed by a few residents on Twitter recently. I hope this gets carried out soon, and will follow up if it doesn’t.


Finally, and this should save a lot of time for residents like me (and my neighbours too) who spend time asking why rubbish/recycling hasn’t been collected, and also DBC having to answer calls/reply to emails.

A ‘Service Update’ page will be added to the DBC site showing any roads affected by lack of collection on a particular day, together with reasons, and when the collection will take place. This will be updated daily to ensure that residents are fully aware of any issues.

I think this is a great move by DBC as this will free a lot of time for them and the residents.

Thank you

I should also thank our local Newtown Councillors (Cllrs Baker, Sandhu and Street) as well as Cllrs Martin and Lloyd for following up via twitter. Oh, and of course the Recycling Advisor from DBC!

It’s taken a while to get here, and I hope what has been put into place today will improve services and information not just for my local street and ward, but Dartford as a whole.


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