02 June 2014

It finally happened

Today on Fulwich Road, our recycling finally got collected. Only 4 days later than planned.

I mailed DBC (and our Councillors and various Cabinet members that wanted a cc too) about this on Friday, as previously blogged.

This morning the response from DBC was that the contractor has been asked to attempt recycling again.

Today was a rare moment for me - I was working from home - which means I don’t have to deal with the inevitable delays on Southeastern, and also get to start work once I’m out of bed (obviously after a freshen up, and coffee, cos…well that’s the way to start the day)

Also, interspersed with work, I decommissioned the old fridge freezer (I was at home waiting for delivery of a replacement) and had regular trips to the bin to dump out wasted food due to the failings of that device.

Too many parked cars, can’t turn

Oh really? On my periodic trips outside, I took a look down the road, it was clear enough to get a decent sized vehicle down the road, and, in fact, FD Transport a couple of doors down managed to get their removal trucks down quite easily, without driving slowly, as you would, if width was an issue.

With that in mind, I asked DBC to ask the Refuse Contractors to please try again - they did…just before 1500 that afternoon.

Of course, John Lewis had paved the way for them minutes before to deliver me a fridge freezer. Watching the refuse truck manoeuvre down the road, I had absolutely no concerns that parked vehicles was an issue. And it even managed to make it to the western part of Fulwich Road (downwards form St Albans Road), shortly after our recycling got collected (I have my local spies…)

Your call is important to us…

It was only after the collection happened, that I was contacted by my local Councillors. Reiterating what had happened.

Well, yeah, I know what happened, cos I had spent ages asking what would be done.

What next?

Apparently there are several meetings over the coming week about how to address the issue of Recycling not being collected on Fulwich Road. I have asked to receive updates on this, and I hope I will.

I also have a couple of things I want to investigate as a result of what had happened, though haven’t the time to tonight - it’s been a long day.

Openness and transparency

I would hope that my tweets have credited any Councillor with any responses based on my questions, and looking back at my Twitter archive I have.

I will also call out when there has been inaction, since Refuse Collection is a simple thing to solve, no?

Since the March incident I have ensured all my local Councillors were on cc on my communications with Dartford Borough Council, so they have had plenty of chances to respond.

In the interests of transparency I would like to thank Cllr Sandhu for relaying to me that there will be a meeting tomorrow about this (the DBC Recycling Advisor had already privately told me), and also Cllr Baker for his thoughts on this matter.

9 days to go…

Until our next Recycling collection - statistically this will go without a hitch, though I shall keep an eye out for this

How about the rest of Dartford?

Indeed, how about it? I’d be interested to know if this has happened to you too, even if you’re not in the Newtown Ward.

My contact details can be found by clicking on ‘About this site’ at the top - DM or email - both are fine (street, and expected collection day would be useful as minimum info)


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