01 June 2014


My first post, on my new site!

However, and I’m sorry for doing this, in order to get the chronology right for this post, I’ve made up a couple of blog posts detailing events that happened with previous failed rubbish collections.

I think it’ll read better, and make things easier to find in the future. I’ll try not to make a habit of re-inventing history from now on.

Anyway, the prerequisites for this post are:

What happened?

On the evening of Thursday 29th May (Recycling and Refuse collection day for Newtown, +1 day due to the Bank Holiday Monday)), I walked up Fulwich Rd on the way home and realised that recycling hadn’t been collected…again.

Whilst wanting to have my dinner (difficult with a faulty fridge/freezer, again, another post for that!) I reported this back to DBC, via the email chain that was already ongoing from the previous incidents.

In my email to DBC (and our local Newtown Councillors) I asked for an update to our previous exchange in March about their plans to ensure our rubbish was collected, and also what the plan was to address this ongoing problem in Newtown.

Friday 30th May

An email from the DBC Recycling Advisor acknowledging that our pick-up didn’t happen due to having a recycling truck off the road with mechanical problems, and that this would probably be addressed during the morning.

And also the promise that a plan would be put together - with a meeting at 9.30am, that morning, with the Contractors to look at the options for Newtown and Fulwich Road, also seeking that there was a guarantee that our Recycling was picked up that morning.

At 0847 that morning I was told that the pick-up should have been completed and that DBC would check on this after the 0930 meeting, and that a plan was still being looked at.

However, the recycling wasn’t collected, and still hasn’t been, as of Sunday evening.

What’s going on?


The other day I made a comparison of responses to my tweets from both main Parties via the medium of Twitter - admittedly a bit far ranging (some of our Tory Councillors are responsive via Twitter, just not the Newtown ones)…but compared them to a nodding Churchill dog, i.e. yes we’ll do something (no we won’t).

I think this is happening here…I’ve had countless reassurances that something is being done, however I’ve seen no improvement.

It’s a known issue, I’ve raised it several times, and I expect so have my fellow neighbours on Fulwich Road. We can’t keep being fobbed off with ‘plans’ that don’t materialise.

Talk to us

The simple, easy, way to placate residents is to use the DBC site to communicate problems like this.

Sometimes things go wrong. We’re only human.

However, without decent communication in place, all you get is anger and disappointment.

The first move for DBC is to communicate to residents by all means possible, and since their only presence right now is via the DBC website, then use it. Ideally, in this day and age, engagement should come via the two (current) main social networks: Twitter and Facebook - the community there will spread the message for you.

What next?

I will continue to follow this up. This was the primary reason why I started looking at what happens in my local area and what is being done.

We need to start with the little things first, we need to solve that, and then look at the bigger picture.

The fact that we can’t solve a simple procedure of refuse and recycling collection doesn’t put us in good stead to solve the other issues of our town.

Cabinet members of DBC have contacted me directly about this, and I will follow up with them and also DBC about the plans for Newtown, and Fulwich Rd.

I will post up the results here as I get them.


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