05 March 2014

Another missed collection. The weather wasn’t as windy

Keeping with the 50% performance rate achieved at the last incident, true to form on the 5th March, our recycling wasn’t collected

This time, I emailed the Recycling Advisor directly about this, and in the morning copied in our local Councillors in an attempt to get some help on this ongoing issue.

This was the view from my bedroom window the following morning:

Fulwich Rd Rubbish

Given that (in my opinion) ‘next few times’ can’t amount to ‘one time’ to monitor the collections on Fulwich Road, I was surprised that this wasn’t picked up.

And, all credit to Cllrs Sandhu and Street for responding to me (I understand Cllr Baker wasn’t around at the time, so won’t begrudge that).

Cllr Street went to great effort to look at alternatives for the problem of turning a dump truck into Fulwich Road - which was the excuse from DBC as to why we didn’t get our collection.

I did point out that a few doors down from me, we have a removals company that constantly take their large trucks down the road. Oh, and that the non-recyclables got collected (though apparently they are 4ft less wide)

And apparently on March 19th this will be monitored by DBC through the day to see the problems of getting the trucks down Fulwich Rd.

I was also told I would get feedback on March 19th.

I got nothing.

Though I did get a tweet on that day saying normal refuse in Newtown wasn’t collected. However I was out of the country for a work trip, so couldn’t verify. Though, coming in at 4ft less wide than the recycling truck, I guess the roads must have been really narrow that day…

#And a totally bizarre, potentially libellous twitter exchange

On the Wednesday evening, at nearly 11pm, I sarcastically suggested that our local Councillor’s Hall business would help us out with our excess recycling.

What followed verged on libel, and ceased when I brought this to the Hall’s attention.

But that’s the subject for another post, that I’ll keep for another day…


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