05 February 2014

Another missed collection. Another windy day

So including the failed collection at the end of 2013, the scores of successful Recycling collection at this point now stood at: 2 successful, 2 failures.

Pretty rubbish really, don’t you think?

And…no, the rubbish wasn’t pretty, especially with the wind, and the foxes, helping it recycle across the street


Reported it, again. This time (and I’m not proud of this) using capitals to point out it affected the whole of Fulwich Road, not just my property, and also asking for a guarantee this wouldn’t happen again.

I also tweeted our local Councillor (now our Mayor) - no response (though apparently he also has a hall for rent)

However the Recycling Advisor from Dartford Borough Council (DBC) advised she will ensure recycling got collected, and will be on Fulwich Road for the next few times to make sure it doesn’t happen again…well I think you know where this story goes?


Looking back at my tweets, it’s around this time I had the crazy idea of considering standing as Councillor for my local ward, cos, well even at this point I was tired of inaction and self-interest…

My soapbox? Social media, and the internet, an area I know well


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