25 January 2015

End of 2014…

…was pretty crazy, 2 Tokyo trips for work in the space of 3 weeks, then a well-deserved break in the US and Hawaii Islands for Christmas. Something I had planned for the last 5 years. It was pretty fantastic (says me, understated as always), and I’ll share a few thoughts on that with photos at some point this year when I have time.

I also formed the Dartford Rail Travellers Association with Mike Pellatt, a local who is as disgruntled with the current Southeastern service as I am.

And some other local things that I’ve been involved with during a lot of 2014.

Anyway…we all deserve a break and some time to relax, don’t we? I had mine, so…time to crack on with 2015

Hi, I’m Phil, …

…(blahblahblah standard work stuff - not really one for the blog)

…I’m philmonkey on Twitter, and monkeyphil in most other places

…I’m the co-founder of the Dartford Rail Travellers Association (DRTA), and I’ve got some stuff to say about Southeastern trains

…I’m the Treasurer for the local Dartford Labour Party

…I’m the prospective candidate with Dartford Labour for Newtown in the Dartford local elections on May 7th

The last 3 of which I could only really say in the past few months - the last, that I said for the first time this weekend.

Welcome 2015

It’s going to be a busy year. I’m finally getting to take the moans and gripes I had in 2014 and do something with them.

Helping those in the local area that I live in have a voice about the issues that they have, and what needs fixing.

And helping the long suffering commuters on Southeastern in the Dartford area get their collective voice out there and fed back to Southeastern.

I’ve already kicked off one major issue with Southeastern as part of DRTA and got immediate results - Potential Epilepsy issues on Southeastern…and also been on BBC Radio Kent twice, and a couple of online and offline publications.

And this is what I’ll continue to do, and with the support of Newtown residents, in a more formal capacity later in May 2015, if all goes well.

Stand up and be counted

We all have a voice, if you care passionately about something, then speak up!

DRTA is open to all, we have no formal membership rules - it’s a forum for all…regardless of any political persuasions - my involvement is purely with my non-Political hat on. It’s a subject I’ve cared passionately about during the last two governments.

Join a local political party - I won’t tell you which one…that is your choice, find the one that aligns best with your beliefs and that you feel you can fit in well with. I did, and after our initial conversations, it was an easy choice for me.

And onwards…

I guess it’s time to write my first proper blog post of the year.

It’s got a few images in, so might take a while, but here goes…

Have a good 2015 - and look forward to speaking to a lot of you during the next few months!


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